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Supersprox has supplied the quality racing sprockets since 1959 and is undoubtedly the largest producer of motorcycle sprockets in Europe, working with factory racing teams of KTM ag, Honda HRC and Yamaha. Our products were fitted to the motorcycles of 6 world champions in 2014 and 7 world champions in 2015.


Supersprox were the original inventor of the hybrid sprocket in 1999. We were the first to use steel for the teeth and aluminium for the middle. Creating a new market sector for ultra high performance. Our team focus all their working energy on every aspect of sprocket production constantly improving designs and techniques, to offer better and longer lasting sprockets. Our work with the Japanese and European motorcycle producers has helped to define a meticulous focus on detail. Supersprox the only mass production sprocket producer, with a dedicated team producing custom sprockets. We can make any sprockets you desire as a single item.

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