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Benchmark Performance Powerparts Asia  is comprised of dedicated riders riding and working in the industry since early 2000. Our commitment is to responsibly promote motorcycle sports in Cambodia and supply quality, affordable parts and accessories to all motorcycles. In order to achieve this objective.

We currently:

  • Provides technical assistant for and support in country off-road events as well as riders, and support for local riders to regional events.

  • Provides free platform for local tour operators, rental and repair shops to advertise their operations via our different media tools.

  • Link with leading manufactures to supply shop owners and off-road tour operators with quality brand name motorbike parts.

  • Works towards "quality, safety and low maintenance" use of products.

The Cambodian off-road scene is still small but it is fast growing. In the last 2 years more off-road and on-road bikes have been imported and sold in Cambodia than in the previous 10 years. Racing events have grown from 1 per year to 4-6 per year.


Today, Cambodian riders, professional and weekend warriors alike, riders from all levels of society with machines from early 1990's to recent 2022 technology take to the outdoors on groups up to 50 riders strong, riding together.

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